After opening the bucket, remove the brush, instructions, gloves, mixing bag, white beads, and adhesive can. The adhesive may have settled at the bottom of the bucket. Pour the black GreenSlope™ granules into the mixing bag.

Identify the ponding area and mark an outline on the roof surface with paint. Thoroughly clean the area and make any needed repairs to ensure a good bond. Clean at least 6”-12” beyond the ponding area so your topcoat will blend with the existing roof. For extremely dirty areas, pressure washing or cleaning with an all-purpose cleaner is recommended. For larger ponding areas, a hand held power broom can help speed up the cleaning process.

Add the white GreenSlope™ beads into the mixing bag with the black granules. Add the adhesive to the bag, hold the bag closed, and mix thoroughly. Leave approximately a pint of adhesive in the can for priming. If you do not need to use all the material, mix proportional amounts of the adhesive and granules. A drill mixer can be used to speed the mixing time. Avoid contact with skin. For Safety Data, visit our website FAQs.

Use the remaining adhesive to apply a thin layer of primer to the area. Keep the primer and adhesive warm so it is easier to work with.

Pour the mixed material over the desired area and spread it using a trowel or straight-edge. Compress the material thoroughly using a trowel, especially around the perimeter to minimize water infiltration. If you keep your trowel wet with water, you can get a smoother finish. A brush or trowel grade topcoat coating product will smooth over the GreenSlope creating a more polished finish. Topcoat coatings or membranes can be applied as soon as the material firms up enough so it doesn’t move when applying.

GreenSlope™ is a roof leveling compound that helps eliminate water ponding areas on flat rooftops. This product is used to fill low spots and divert standing water by creating positive slope over a variety of substrates.

ponding water on a flat roof
remove ponding water
greenslope roof leveling compound
greenslope topcoat


  • Single Ply – EPDM, TPO, PVC
  • Modified Bitumen/BUR
  • Metal
  • Foam
  • Shingle


  • Membranes-Modified, TPO, EPDM, etc
  • Coatings/Mastics (Brush or Trowel-Grade)
  • Elastomerics, Silicones, Asphalt Emulsions, Roof Granules, Roof Cements

*It is best to use low solvent products.